Jake Ammon
Jake Ammon

Associate Advisor


SVN/WACB is proud to welcome Jake Ammon as a new sales associate. Jake graduated and received a commission in the Navy from Virginia Military Institute with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and received his Executive MBA from UNM in 2016. Jake Ammon served as a Lieutenant in the Navy on two different ships which were deployed all over the world. He worked with hundreds of sailors and officers on an around­ the ­clock schedule in situations experienced by few. As the Boarding Officer, he had the opportunity to lead his team on counter-­piracy boardings off the coast of Africa.

He’s now transitioned from military service to commercial real estate and ready to begin the next chapter of his life. Jake’s real estate experience started with real estate investing and is now his chosen career. His success derives from his keen ability to recognize potential. His military background provides the team leadership and project management skills, all critical expertise necessary to be successful in commercial real estate. Working alongside seasoned SVN commercial real estate veterans, Jake will work hard to maximize your commercial real estate returns.

Jake and his family, originally from Texas, are proud to call Albuquerque home and invites all military, former military, and their friends or family to contact him for a confidential real estate analysis.